North Somerset branch take home Branch of the Year award

The award recognises their exceptional progress and unwavering commitment to member support and community building

UNISON’s North Somerset branch has been awarded the prestigious title of Branch of the Year at this year’s Get Active event.

The award recognises their exceptional progress and unwavering commitment to member support and community building.

Throughout 2023, the North Somerset branch significantly raised its profile within workplaces and increased the number of active union activists. All core officer roles are now filled, with active officers for Women’s, LGBT+, Black, and Disabled members, highlighting their commitment to diversity and inclusion. The majority of these officers are women, with efforts underway to encourage more Black leadership.

A notable achievement was the establishment of an equalities group that meets regularly to support and develop branch initiatives. The branch also set up a Black Members self-organised group in 2023, fostering greater inclusion and support for Black members.

Collaboration with regional staff has been a key focus, resulting in significant co-working efforts on plans for the International Women’s Day event in 2024 and the 2023 UK Pride in Weston. The branch trained several new representatives in 2023 and is planning to launch a mentoring and support group in 2024. There has been a 50% increase in casework managed through the branch office, facilitated by the introduction of the CaseWeb system for better record-keeping and monitoring.

The branch’s commitment to strategic engagement is evident in their quarterly meetings with local councillors to address issues important to members. This strategic approach has enhanced the branch’s effectiveness in advocating for its members.

Despite these achievements, the branch acknowledges that there is still much to learn and is committed to future developments to ensure sustainability and increased member engagement.

The North Somerset branch’s dedication and innovative efforts have set a new standard of excellence, earning them well-deserved recognition as UNISON’s Branch of the Year.