South West young members

Under-27s organise in UNISON to combat the challenges of being a young public service worker. South West young members cover everything from the transition from education to employment, tackling the spread of insecure and low-paid work, and broader problems like the cost of housing or transport.

Who are you? The South West Regional Young Members Forum

And what do you do? Act as the voice of young workers in the South West, bring together active young UNISON members, and help to facilitate new young member’s involvement in the union.

Sounds impressive, how do you go about doing that? In all sorts of ways. Largely by campaigning and running activities around the issues that matter most to Young Members, identified in a survey as, access to affordable housing and the introduction of a Living Wage for all, regardless of age.

So you organise events around these campaigns? Yes, we organise petitioning and other forms of public engagement to advocate for improvements in these areas. We also help to signpost those affected by low pay and housing difficulties where they can go for support.

We have also designed material around these key issues which we encourage active Young Members to publicise in their workplaces.

Nice work! How’s all this organised? We hold Regional Forum meetings once every three months (either in our Bristol or Taunton office), where young members attend to help to plan these activities, along with our events such as young member socials and volunteering  opportunities at music festivals including Glastonbury and Tolpuddle Martyrs.

We try to keep these meetings fun by combining them with a training session or another activity- and provide lunch of course!

Sounds great- who is eligible to get involved? Any UNISON Member who is under the age of 27 can be involved with the forum and our activities. No previous experience with UNISON is necessary.

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