South West regional council

Regional Council brings together branches from across the region three times a year, to discuss the current issues affecting our members across the region.  It meets in January after the annual Get Active event, May, when we hold annual elections, and October.

Delegates are elected by each branch and UNISON rules ensure delegations reflect the diversity of the union and new people are particularly welcomed.

Details of the next Regional Council will be posted in Events.

Standing order committee

At Regional Council meetings there’s a lot to get right – motions, elections, reports, and more. The Standing Orders Committee (SOC) exists to make sure the Constitution is followed and everyone gets to play by the same rules.

Standing Orders Committee is elected annually at the annual meeting of regional council.

If your branch or group wants to submit a policy motion, it will be considered by Standing Orders Committee to make sure it fits with the region’s standards. SOC encourages anyone thinking of submitting a motion to get in touch in advance for guidance, to ensure your motion will be approved.

SOC meets the day before regional committee and South West council, and also on the day to consider any emergency motions.