Learning for healthcare students

We know that time whilst at University can be difficult to juggle all of what needs to be done. Increased stress and pressures on you and your time as well as boosting or reinvigorating skills in your learning. If you are needing support with studies or need some extra tuition for up and coming drug calculation exams look no further then joining UNISON and coming along to one of our learning offers.


Description: Develop your confidence and study skills to enable you to read and analyse text, develop researching and assignment writing skills and using ICT to support your learning. You will practice speaking and listening communication skills to express your views and opinions.            


Description: This course covers all the areas of maths you will need for your drugs calculation exams. For these exams you will need to be confident in understanding measures, conversion between different measures, converting and simplifying factions, decimals, and calculations involving time.

The course will cover methods for error checking and improving accuracy. You will be given real nursing calculations to practice and be tested on.