Woman in wheelchair attending UNISON march and rally

Disabled members

UNISON is committed to achieving equality for all by fighting disability discrimination and campaigning to remove barriers to employment in the workplace.

Through self-organisation, disabled members help the union to identify and challenge discrimination. This helps build equality throughout the work of the union. It can also be a valuable way for members to get involved, develop skills, expertise and confidence.

Each Branch can elect a Disabled Members’ Officer and set up a self organised group.

The South West Disabled Members Committee meets throughout the year including holding an annual open meeting where representatives are elected on to the committee. Representatives are also elected to attend UNISON’s National Disabled Members Conference on behalf of the Region.

A national training weekend is held each year to provide representatives with the skills to promote issues relating to disability within their branch, as well as identifying barriers that may prevent disabled members from participating fully both at work and within the union’s own structures.

The Regional Disabled Member’s Committee is open to all members in the South West who identify as being disabled.

We make our meetings accessible by:

  • not making assumptions – disability takes many forms
  • asking members what access needs they have
  • ensuring confidentiality
  • planning ahead
  • considering the use of digital technology for members ‘virtual’ attendance

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