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Member learning update:

In consultation with the Regional Development and Organising Committee the decision has been taken to cancel all class-based activist and member learning courses for the remainder of 2020. Scroll down the page for some new and exciting offers online as an alternative this year!

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UNISON staff are working hard to make sure the union’s business continues and our service to you is maintained. Information around Covid -19 , workplaces and updates can be seen here:

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Don’t let the government cut union learning!

In early October, the TUC received a letter from the Department for Education saying that ministers have decided to end the Union Learning Fund from March 2021. This is an astonishing and counterproductive decision – last year more than 200,000 learners got new skills through union learning.

Save union learning! Never more than ever have we needed the support of our learners, members ,friends and family!

For more than 20 years the Union Learning Fund has supported working people to access skills and training at work, through their unions.

Last year more than 200,000 learners got new skills through union learning. The government funding teaches people to read, write and use computers: last year 62,000 got basic English, maths and IT skills through union learning. And thousands got their first ever qualification. Only unions, through our network of reps, have been able to reach these workers and help them get into learning. In the middle of the deepest recession of our lifetimes, this is not the time to cut skills and training. The government must reverse this decision – and keep learners learning. 

Here in the south west region the union learning fund has supported so many events that our members have benefitted from taking part in. These have included job and application interview training, wellbeing and relaxtion courses and education for womens rights to name a few. In times of change and uncertaintly we need your help to stop the goverment cutting these vital funds.  

What you can do to support the campaign

 1. Share your stories with us on how Union learning has supported you – send them HERE!

 2. Write to your MP to gain their support

3. Share and Sign the petition HERE!

Download a campaign pack and for more information head to the TUC campaigns page HERE!

More information can be found on our National website Campaign Information

Education Network Meeting November


Wednesday 9th December 1230-1330

An invitation to all our Education Network – Pre register here!
This event is for UNISON South West Members of the Education Network:
Join our network meeting for all Learning Reps, ULRs, LLCs.
– Regional Newsletter for Learning
– Launch of Regional Learning Survey
– Union Learning Fund cuts Campaign
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to seeing you.
Natalie Chadwick Regional Learning & Development Organiser & Carol Thyer Local Organiser Learning ULF
For the latest copy of the inclusive learning e- bulletin click Inclusive Learning E Bulletin November 2020
We would love to share the learning offer across the union wider. Help us to spread the word on UNISON Learning and become a Union Learning rep!! More information here:
Be a part of the learning network!
Becoming active in your workplace – as mentioned in our video below you can become a volunteer in your workplace to help us spread the word about union learning. You can give as much or as little time as you wish. This role is the UNISON Learning Rep ( ULR). Training is available and you can be part of a great network in the region.Click the link below for more information
If you are interested in taking up this role please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further. We would love to hear from you.UNISON South West Member Learning Team

UNISON has arranged three online workshops for members with YGAM (Young Gamblers & Gamers Education Trust) aimed at members working with young people, from primary aged children all the way up to university aged young adults.

YGAM are a UK charity and the online training sessions they will be delivering are designed to equip you with the knowledge and resources to inform, educate and safeguard the young people you work with about gaming and gambling.

The sessions are 150 minutes long and have been developed for those whose role enables them to support young people in making safer choices and prevent future harm.

You will learn about:

  • How young people are increasingly exposed to gaming and gambling
  • The influence of advertising, particularly around sporting events
  • The role of social media, in-game purchases, loot boxes and E-sports
  • The signs of harm and where to seek help
  • YGAM resources

28th Nov 10am, 8th Dec 10am (2.5 hours)

More information and booking HERE


Our Learning and Organising Services have some great offers working alongside the Open University.

Session 1 : Autism awareness

Thurs 10th December 9:30am-12:30 BOOKING HERE


Session 2: Mental health Awareness

Thurs 10th Dec 14:00pm-17:00 BOOKING HERE


Session 3: Managing Challenging Behaviour                        (for schools staff)

Monday 14th Dec 9:30am-12:30 BOOKING HERE


session 4: Autism Awareness

Monday 14th Dec 14:00pm-17:00 BOOKING HERE


Session 5: Mental Health Awareness

Thursday 17th Dec – 9:30am-12:30 BOOKING HERE


Session 6: Managing Challenging Behaviour                            (for schools staff)

Thursday 17th Dec 14:00pm -17:00 BOOKING HERE



Course price usually £65.00

Experience the benefits of this 8 week online MBSR course. Karen has taught in excess of 88 MBSR courses to groups and developed this online version with Dr Yvonne Anderson. It guides you through the evidence-based programme, originally designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, providing all the tools you need to experience the benefits of mindfulness via this flexible learning format. Progress through the course at your own pace, preferably doing one session per week, and practice the foundational mindfulness meditations daily. This course offers you the freedom to move at your own speed and in your own time and does not tie you in to attending sessions face to face.If you would be interested in this FREE offer please send your name , membership number and email to:

Natalie Chadwick

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