Missing: NHS pay award for bank staff in Cornwall

UNISON estimates that the lump sum would cost approximately £250,000 for Kernowflex staff.

Health care staff working for Kernowflex in Cornwall have today (Thursday) handed in a petition to Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust seeking the lump sum payment from the NHS pay award.

The petition, signed by over 700 people, calls on the Trust to ensure that bank staff at the Trust are ‘recognised and fairly rewarded’ after Kernowflex staff missed out on the lump sum payment in June.

Dr Mairi McClean and Alison Thorne-Henderson were presented with the petition by staff and UNISON representatives working for Kernowflex.

Kernowflex workers are a mix of bank workers, substantive staff that are forced to work bank shifts because departments will not pay overtime, or workers that need flexibility that the Trust has chosen not to offer through flexible working contracts.

UNISON reps hold 'put NHS pay right' banner with placards about petition signatories are in the foreground.

One Kernowflex employee and UNISON member said: “We were informed via a post on Facebook that the Trust had chosen not to include us. Kernowflex staff deserve better.”