Happy World Emoji Day

Four emojis you can use when talking about trade unions.

Happy World Emoji Day!

It’s time to get to know your trade union emojis, perfect for when you’re composing that tweet, insta caption, adding some flavour to your thread post or updating your facebook.

💪 The flexed biceps emoji represents the strength and power of trade unions. It signifies the collective might of workers coming together to protect their rights and advocate for better working conditions.

The raised fist emoji signifies solidarity, determination, and resistance. It represents the unwavering commitment of trade unions to fight for social justice, equality, and workers’ rights.

🔥 The fire emoji symbolises the passion, energy, and activism within trade unions. It represents the drive and enthusiasm of workers to ignite positive change and make a difference in their workplaces and communities.

📢 The megaphone emoji represents the amplified voice of trade unions. It signifies their role in advocating for workers’ rights, raising awareness about labour issues, and mobilising collective action.