UN Anti Racism Day: March Against Racism

Saturday 19 March will see events and actions around the world for UN Anti-Racism day and UNISON South West is proudly standing up to be counted.

Will you be there too?

UN Anti Racism Day will bring together Stand Up To Racism supporters and allies from across trade unions, faith groups, politicians and campaigns to organise for the TUC backed national demonstration in London.

At a time when governments are intensifying hostile environments for refugees and migrants, when the #BlackLivesMatter movement is exposing the depths of institutional racism, and when the far right and fascist forces continue to pose a threat, the day of international demonstrations is extremely important.


The National Black Members Banner will hopefully be on the demo, but we will need volunteers to help carry the banner. Can you help on Saturday 19 March at 10am in London for the UN Anti-Racism Day?

Yes, I can help

Do you need transport to get to London for the demonstration?

Click here to see the list of organised travel options