Ambulance workers to take pay campaign to parliament

ECAs are campaigning to be re-banded from band 3 to band 4

Emergency Care Assistants (ECAs) working for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust are taking their campaign for fair pay to Parliament in April.

ECAs are routinely performing tasks above their pay grade and are seeking to be recognised and rewarded by their employer with an uplift from band 3 to band 4.

In December a group of ECAs met with representatives from the Trust to undertake a series of activities to enable them to gather insight into the current roles and duties ECA’s undertake.

Following a political campaign which saw over 50 MPs written to by emergency care assistants, ambulance workers will travel to London to meet with MPs to discuss and highlight the campaign in Westminster.

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South West Ambulance and Allied Health UNISON branch secretary Jo Fowles said: “It’s absolutely right that emergency care assistants are given the uplift they deserve, they are a fundamental part of the ambulance team and provide vital care for patients.

“Last year, ambulance workers took the campaign for a fair NHS pay award to Parliament, with the Government announcing pay talks within days. We’re hopeful for a similar impact this time round.”