Recap: Striking for fair pay in the Environment Agency

Riley the horse joined the picket line in Starcross.

Thousands of environment agency workers from across the country took strike action over pay on Wednesday.

Environment Agency salaries have fallen by more than 20% compared to inflation since 2010, which means staff are effectively working one day in every five for free.

To make matter worse, workers were only given a 2% pay rise (plus £345) for this financial year, but the previous year, the majority of staff had a pay freeze and received nothing at all.

River inspectors, flood forecasting officers, coastal risk management officers, sewage plant attendants are among those who walked out, escalating their industrial action after refusing to do voluntary overtime in the run up to the festive period.

UNISON and Prospect members took joint action with picket lines across the South West.

And, of course, a picket line in the South West is never complete unless there’s a horse or pony nearby. In Starcross, Environment Agency workers were joined by Riley the horse.

UNISON and Prospect will meet again next week to discuss the next steps in the campaign.

Fair Pay in the EA