Pay rise deadlock between Mitie and Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust leaves hospital staff angry and frustrated, says UNISON

Cleaners, porters and catering staff in Truro who are employed by private contractor Mitie are demanding the same pay rise as that given to their NHS colleagues last year, says UNISON.

Earlier this week the Mitie staff, who work at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, held a protest outside Treliske Hospital in Truro calling on the company to give them a long overdue pay rise.

Health staff in England accepted a three-year pay award last June, but this doesn’t extend to employees of organisations providing contracted out NHS services.

UNISON wants to see all staff employed at the hospital, whether they are directly employed by the NHS or by a private contractor, to be on the NHS rate for the job.

UNISON area organiser Michael Auguste said: 

“Mitie and the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust say that they value the work staff do, but neither feel that they should be contributing to the pay rise these health workers deserve.

“Mitie employees have been overlooked for far too long and they’ve had enough. They do similar jobs to their NHS colleagues but earn up to £1.20 less per hour. Unless the cleaners, porters and catering staff at the hospital are given a decent pay rise soon, industrial action looks increasingly likely.”

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