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  • Call on Mitie to offer ALL their staff at Royal Cornwall Hospitals a decent pay rise, and provide a proper living wage in line with colleagues in the NHS;

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Mitie is the private company that Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust contract to provide a number of essential services within its hospitals.

Mitie employees are a vital part of the hospital team.  They include cleaners, porters, catering staff, ward hosts, security staff, laundry staff, switchboard operators, the waste team and others.  They work closely alongside their NHS colleagues to ensure that patients are looked after properly.

But they are not being treated fairly when it comes to pay:

  • Mitie staff have not had a cost of living pay rise since they were transferred to Mitie from Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust* – nearly 4 years ago – while the prices of all essentials have gone up considerably, pushing many into financial hardship.
  • Their NHS colleagues, including those doing the same jobs elsewhere in the country, will be seeing increases in their pay of 6.5% or more over the next 3 years, including a rise for all this year.

* (Except those staff on minimum wage getting the annual increases they are legally entitled to)

UNISON, on behalf of Mitie staff, has put in a pay claim asking for:

  • Foundation Living Wage of £9.00 to all on pay rates currently below this rate.
  • Increases across all pay bands in line with the NHS pay award agreed in June 2018.



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