POSTPONED Challenging Racism in the Workplace – Negotiating for Race Equality – Exeter

20 – 21 February 2024


This course is essential training for branch negotiators, Branch Secretary, Service Conditions Officer, Convenors, Equality Co-ordinator, and Black Member’s Officers.

Note: All representatives and branch officers must do this course within three years of appointment.

Challenging racism in the workplace is central to UNISON’s work. Racism deepens the impact of labour market exploitation of Black workers. This can be manifested not only through bullying and harassment, but workplace structures and processes which covertly disadvantage Black workers.

Without a strong organising response to deeply rooted discrimination and ensuring that equality is placed firmly on the bargaining table, many of our members will suffer blighted life chance and opportunities. This course and resources offer a range of ideas and checklists for activists to help them incorporate anti racism in their day-to-day campaigning, organising, recruitment and negotiation work, which in turn will help end the isolation felt by many Black workers and encourage proactive involvement in fighting for a fairer workplace.

The aims of this course are:
• To raise your awareness of the opportunity’s equality law provides to identify institutional racism and ensure that the issues are dealt with
• To improve your knowledge of the tools you can use to engage with your employer on tackling race discrimination
• To explore how an organising approach can be taken to tackling racism in the workplace
• To build confidence in negotiating with employers and anticipating any challenges
• To develop a realistic action plan for the branch

20th & 21st February | 09:30-16:30


You should make your Branch aware that you are attending this course in order for them to keep their records up to date and ensure you receive up to date information relevant to your role.

If you are in need of support to request time off from your work to attend please talk to the branch to gain support.

You may have a local policy to support with gaining reasonable time off to attend training from your employer. There is also guidance via ACAS – Time off advice

If you have any questions about the course please do not hesitate to get in contact with us

Email: SW Education Enquiries