Making Equality Central to your Union Practice – A course for UNISON Activists

18 September 2024 9:30am–4:30pm


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This course is for all representatives and branch officers.

Note: This course or Equality in your Branch training, must be done within two years of appointment.

Equality is written into our rule book and into our objectives and policies but making equality part of everyday business is no small task. Making equality central to your union practice is a course that explores internal and external tools, which can support equality bargaining, negotiating, and representation.

The course also looks at how to identify equality themes in organising and recruitment, as well as considering the different equality roles in UNISON and how you can utilise their support.

The aims of this course are:
• To understand Equality in UNISON
• To introduce equality legislation and how you can use it in your role as a UNISON activist
• To make equality central to your union practice
• To find out more about UNISON’s equality campaigns
• To look at how you can contribute to your branch equality action plan

Dates: We advise Stewards to book onto this Equality Training approximately three months after completing their initial Stewards Training.

18th September | 09:30-16:30 | Taunton



You should make your Branch aware that you are attending this course in order for them to keep their records up to date and ensure you receive up to date information relevant to your role.

If you are in need of support to request time off from your work to attend please talk to the branch to gain support.

You may have a local policy to support with gaining reasonable time off to attend training from your employer. There is also guidance via ACAS – Time off advice

If you have any questions about the course please do not hesitate to get in contact with us

Email: SW Education Enquiries