NHS can’t provide quality care until staffing crisis resolved, says UNISON

“The government must hold pay talks now and guarantee health workers a proper rise”

Responding to findings published today (Wednesday) by the National Centre for Social Research that public satisfaction with the NHS is the lowest level on record, UNISON head of health Helga Pile said:

“The NHS cannot provide the quality care people need until the staffing crisis is addressed. Patients are suffering because of government inaction.

“Low pay and burnout are to blame for nurses, paramedics and other health workers quitting the service.

“When the minimum wage increases next week, the lowest paid NHS staff will only be earning one pence an hour above the legal minimum.

“It’s not surprising they’re leaving for for jobs elsewhere when supermarkets are paying much better hourly rates.

“The government must hold pay talks now, guarantee health workers a proper rise, stem the staffing exodus and improve patient care.”