Chancellor is living in a fantasy world, says UNISON

“Rishi Sunak and his failing ministers are living on borrowed time”

Commenting on the spring budget today (Wednesday), UNISON general secretary Christina McAnea said:

“This is the stuff of fantasy. The public won’t be fooled. Taxes overall remain at a record high and the promised growth is nowhere to be seen, despite what the chancellor would have everyone believe.

“There’s no budget giveaway for the lowest paid. They’ll be substantially worse off. And persistently punching public services in the face helps no one.

“Families might be struggling, but people would rather have functioning local services than a few possible extra pounds in their pockets.

“Public services are the fabric keeping communities together. No one wants to go weeks to see a GP, spend hours waiting in over-crowded A&E departments or languish on growing NHS waiting lists.

“People want care packages when they need support, school buildings that won’t fall apart and for the police to keep them safe. That’s no longer possible under the Conservatives.

“Public services can barely cope as it is. Proper investment is what’s needed, not another dose of callous austerity or telling nurses, teaching assistants and care staff to work harder.

“Never mind going back to square one, the chancellor’s determined to take the country back to the days of Charles Dickens.

“But let’s face it, this government ran out of ideas long ago. Ministers have misread the public mood and will pay for it at the ballot box.

“Rishi Sunak and his failing ministers are living on borrowed time. This lot should finally put the country first and call an election.”