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On October 30th, SODEXO Ltd employees at North Devon District Hospital formally raised a grievance due to the company’s failure to provide the one-time non-consolidated lump sum payment, ranging from £1,250 to £1,600.

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Sodexo admit that our longstanding local collective agreement applies but just aren’t coming up trumps to deliver their part of the deal which is to pay our members the money they are entitled to under that agreement.

SODEXO Ltd, one of the wealthiest private companies collaborating with the NHS, reported a pre-tax profit of £72.4 million in 2022, marking a 57% increase from 2021. They also distributed a significant £80 million in dividends to shareholders. Their per-employee pre-tax profit is approximately £1,700, surpassing the maximum lump sum payment to individual workers.

Nick Moore, UNISON North Devon & Exeter Health Branch (SODEXO Convenor), stated, “Talking to members, I know they now face the dilemma of choosing between heating and food. This unjust situation need not be the reality for many SODEXO workers. A recent survey of Sodexo staff at NDDH revealed that half of those surveyed rely on second jobs or overtime to make ends meet. This lump sum payment would significantly improve their circumstances.”

The NHS promotes a unified team, but SODEXO workers are not receiving equal treatment. The failure to pay the lump sum is a disrespectful act. The anticipated cost of £400,000 pales in comparison to the millions in SODEXO Ltd.’s bank accounts. We call on SODEXO Ltd to fulfill their financial obligations and address their dispute separately. The only ones suffering in this situation are the workers.

SODEXO Ltd workers, including cleaners, porters, security personnel, catering staff, and laundry workers, are the backbone of the hospital. Without their dedication, the hospital’s operations would come to a standstill. Demonstrate your appreciation for their contributions, recognize them as integral members of the NHS One Team, and grant them the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve – PAY THEM NOW!