Livewell Southwest sign UNISON’s Apprenticeship Charter

”Apprentices are an integral part of our workforce, both now and in the future.”

Livewell Southwest has signed UNISON’s Apprenticeship Charter. The health and social care enterprise becomes the second employer in the South West to commit to the charter.

UNISON’s charter highlights well funded, high quality apprenticeships leading to a meaningful job, making an important contribution in addressing skills gaps and tackle unemployment. It also calls for apprenticeships to be developed jointly by employers, trade unions, training providers, and apprentices.

Under the charter, Livewell Southwest has pledged to do everything it possibly can to grant apprentices rights to an employment contract and a job offer once their apprenticeship is complete.

Dawn Slater, Director of People and Professionalism, Livewell Southwest, said:

“We’re delighted to have worked with local UNISON reps to commit ourselves to quality apprenticeships for our staff and for the community of Plymouth.

”Apprentices are an integral part of our workforce, both now and in the future. Lifelong learning is key to retention and our programme offers lots of opportunities to both recruit and retain employees by enabling new staff to join and existing staff to upskill.”

Livewell Southwest Learning and Organisational Development Facilitator, Jordan Whatley said: 

“The option of attending university along with the financial burden was not an option I wished to pursue during the transition period from education into employment. Apprenticeships provide an opportunity to earn while you learn and gain valuable experience, knowledge, and transferable skills to start a career.

“The apprenticeship programme at Livewell Southwest has enabled me and others to thrive in the workplace and continue our development to support with progression in becoming the future of healthcare.

“I’m a firm believer in ensuring people from all backgrounds have equal access to education in the workplace and I’m incredibly proud of the training and development ethos within Livewell Southwest.”

David Dodd, UNISON staffside representative, said:

“We have been working towards this for a while, the work we have done with Livewell in that time has concreted their commitment to apprentices.

“I know from a personal perspective how valuable apprenticeships can be having undertaken by nurse training on a secondment from the Trust. That was over twenty years ago, it shows if you invest in your staff they tend to stick around.”

Natalie Chadwick, UNISON regional learning & development organiser, said:

“After completing an apprenticeship myself this year I know how this charter will enable employees to feel valued while building their confidence and skills and empower them at work. 

“Hopefully many more employers in the South West will see the benefit and want to sign UNISON’s Apprenticeship Charter.”