UNISON welcomes Sirona consultation extension

UNISON have welcomed the decision of Sirona to extend their terms and conditions consultation exercise

UNISON organiser Lewis Carson said:

“Although we are yet to reach agreement with Sirona on the outcome of their proposals to make over £200000 of savings, following their reduction in funding from B&NES council, we are heartened that they have agreed to our requests for additional information and time period to see if a consensus can be reached.

“Sirona have listened to the concerns our members raised with regards to the process and procedure in their initial consultation exercise, and we hope very much to reach agreement on the substance of the proposals through an extended consultation period.”

If you are an affected UNISON member in Sirona and would like further information on the Residential and Extra Care consultation please contact one of the below UNISON representatives:

  • Andy McGuiness (UNISON Steward, Charlton House)
  • Bernadette Yea (UNISON Steward, Cleeve Court)
  • Debbie Watson (UNISON Steward, Avon Down)
  • Mel Clarke (UNISON Contact, St Johns)
  • Gemma Gamester (UNISON Contact, Combe Lea)

If you are unsure who to contact, email southwest@unison.co.uk and your message will be passed to the correct team.