ULR Training – Training for Unison Learning Representatives

Things get better with UNISON learning.

UNISON is offering a fantastic learning offer to new UNISON Learning Reps and Reps who may need a refresher.


This 3-day course covers: 

The core course for new union learning representatives explains UNISON’s approach to lifelong learning and helping working people to gain skills and qualifications and learn for personal fulfilment. 

With a focus on those who have traditionally been excluded from learning, you will learn how you can work with members and employers to identify learning needs, promote UNISON’s learning offer, and organise around learning. 

You can find out more about being a ULR by completing our short online learning module introducing the role, which you can find on our e-learning site. 

Lunch is provided at our in person learning in Taunton & travel expenses / mileage can be claimed from your branch.

We are happy to support in requesting time off from your employer to attend this learning.

What are the rights of a ULR?

The statutory rights for ULRs and union members are:

  • Union learning representatives are entitled to reasonable paid time off for training and for carrying out their duties as set out above.
  • Union members are entitled to unpaid time off to consult their learning representative, as long as they belong to a bargaining unit for which the union is recognised.


As a ULR, you will help your colleagues identify the skills they need to move on, and help them sort out things like time off to train, loans, grants and funding, or any additional support they might need. The information on this website about UNISON member learning will help you point them to some of the opportunities that are open to them. 

If you are interested in this learning please email me: n.chadwick@unison.co.uk


We hope that employers and Managers see the benefit to requesting time off to attend from your workplace should you need too.

You may want to make your Branch Union Learning Representative or Education Officer aware that you are attending this course to link with other learners or join the local learning network.

If you are in need of support to request time off from your work to attend please talk to the branch to gain support.

These sessions are being held during the day but if you are on shift or working and want to attend you may be able to negotiate time off from your workplace.

You may have a local policy or learning agreement to support with gaining reasonable time off to attend our learning from your employer. There is also guidance via ACAS – Time off advice

For further learning options please keep an eye on our webpage and social media.

If you have any questions about the course please do not hesitate to get in contact with us