UNISON Regional Pool and Campaign Fund

Bidding for extra funds

Bids can be made from Branches and committees and applications are considered by the Finance and Resources committee (F&R).

The Regional Pool fund

The regional pool is an allocation of members’ subscriptions that has been set aside to support the work of UNISON branches, committees, groups and forums within the South West region where there is a demonstrable need for additional funding to finance a development programme or actions arising from agreed work plans. The aim is to support all of the UNISON branches and groups within the South West region to become stronger within all of their workplaces, with particular focus on increasing participation from women, Black members, disabled members, LGBT members and young members.

Regional Pool Guidance

Form for Regional Pool Bids Under £1,000

Form for Regional Pool Bids Over £1,000

The Campaign Fund

The Campaign Fund is intended to pay for political campaigning at branch, regional and national level; for political research; as well as lobbying at UK Parliament; Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly. The Campaign Fund is independent of support for any political party.

To support the policies decided by National Delegate Conference and to work to the union’s priorities as agreed by the National Executive Council each year after consultation with all parts of the union. The Campaign Fund has no policy-making status.

Any branch with members contributing to the Campaign Fund is eligible to apply for financial support from the fund.

The same shall apply to any Service Group, Sector or Region, Self-organised Group, Retired and Young members groups, having members contributing to the Campaign Fund.

Campaign Fund Guidance

Campaign Fund Form