Strategic committees

Responsible for detailed work on the right strategy to reach UNISON’s goals are three strategic committees.

Campaigns, communications and political development
  • Campaign effectively to secure high quality public services
  • Ensure clear lines of communication between members and their union representatives, and vice versa
  • Get the region’s voice heard in policy debates at a local and national level
  • Coordinate with Labour Link and the general campaigns section to build a strong political presence in the South West
Development and organising
  • Build strong branches in line with national guidance
  • Recruit and retain members and develop them to become activists
  • Organise education and training for members
  • Strengthen our region by making it more diverse and inclusive through a network of self-organised groups
Finances and resources
  • Produce a yearly budget in consultation with lay committees
  • Allocate resources according to regional priorities and monitor spending
  • Ensure the region takes advantage of other sources of funding