UNISON Member Learning – Retirement and your pension – Local Government Pensions

7 March 2023 12:30pm–1:30pm

Online - Via MS TEAMS

Retirement & Your pension – for Local Government Pension scheme holders

Tuesday 7th March 12:30-13:30

Lighthouse Financial Advice is the trusted financial advice partner of UNISON. Our purpose is to help you achieve your aspirations through expert financial planning.

Join us to talk about the changes to the LG pension scheme over the last years and hear about changes to the state pension and where to find out more about the years you have logged.  Gain tips about investments to keep you financially secure in retirement. 

Lighthouse Financial Advice is the trusted financial advice partner of UNISON. We are a leading financial business, and our purpose is to help you achieve your aspirations through expert financial

We are delivering a FREE webinar to help you understand how to secure the income you need for a comfortable retirement. In this webinar, you will be able to learn about:

• How your pensions work, including the state and Local Government Pension Scheme

• When you can take your pensions and how much you can expect to receive

• Your options for accessing any additional pension savings, including from previous employers

• Ways you may be able to increase your income

• Tax considerations, including your tax-free lump sum

• Countering inflation: will your income keep its value in real terms?

The webinar will be presented by one of our expert financial advisers who has specific knowledge.

Advisor: Ian Futcher

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Email or call the person below, stating the webinar date and time – Sue at susannah.moir@quilter.com or on 020 3831 0739

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