Nominate a Star in our Schools ⭐️

UNISON is celebrating Stars in our Schools on Friday 27 November 2020 and we need your help.

Unsung heroes of South West schools celebrated by UNISON

School support staff across the South West have been recognised today (Friday) as part of UNISON’s UK-wide celebration of the invaluable contribution they make to children’s education. UNISON organised the annual ‘Stars in Our Schools’ celebration event to promote the wonderful work school support staff do every day and to make sure the world knows just how […]

Support staff celebrating at St Luke's school

Dorset stars in our schools celebrated

Three Dorset schools have won prizes in the annual “stars in our schools” awards to celebrate the achievements of their support staff. Support staff in schools across the county created pieces of art to represent the contribution they and their colleagues made to students’ education. Officers from their trade union, UNISON, then delivered hampers of […]