Report shows Bristol council must change, but cuts are root problem

Commenting on the publication of Steve Bundred’s report in Bristol city council’s financial mismanagement, UNISON Bristol branch secretary Steve Crawshaw said:

“Any report should be welcomed that aids delivering the high quality public services that Bristolians deserve. UNISON called for an investigation on these lines in August 2016‎.

“The Mayor is right to take a hard look at poor leadership and culture among senior management. Now is the time to change that, and we want to work with Marvin to ensure frontline staff can get on with the job.

“Let’s be clear about the report’s conclusions. Though its remit is internal, Steve Bundred is explicit that the root causes of Bristol’s money problems are the £102m cuts dealt out by central government.

“The council is not just a balance sheet – it runs vital city services. Even if the council ran like clockwork, there still would not be enough funds, thanks to years of cuts from the Tory government.

“This report is important and overdue, and change must happen. But let’s not forget, this is still a debate over the best way to make cuts, when what Bristol needs is world-class public services to ensure our prosperity grows and is shared across the city.”

Read the full report on Bristol city council’s website