Government starving Bristol of services it needs to thrive

Commenting on the £64m cuts proposals published today by Bristol city council, UNISON South West regional secretary Joanne Kaye said:

“There is no escaping the impact these proposals will have on public services in the city. Despite efforts to take the edge off, that means fewer residents receiving the support, care and amenities that we need our council to provide.

“The cause of this problem is clear: the government is refusing to provide enough money for public services. We will work with the Mayor to get the best deal for staff and all who rely on council services, but there is no easy way out until councils get the resources they need from central government.

“Bristol can’t succeed if these basic services are eroded. Staff in the council and across public services are doing their best to keep up Bristol’s quality of life, but they can’t do the job without proper resources. Now we need even more businesses to take their social responsibilities seriously and help the city through these cuts.”