Dorset’s STP lets the government off the hook

A plan to let the government off the hook, not to fix our NHS

Commenting on the Dorset sustainability and transformation plans, UNISON South West head of health Helen Eccles said:

“Yet another set of NHS plans have been published that put health services at risk through over-promising and under-funding.”

“The NHS undoubtedly needs to improve and there are plenty of good ideas on how to do so. But the government is undermining this by insisting on a shoe-string budget and pushing the plans through without proper dialogue.”

UNISON South West regional organiser Mike Cracknell added:

“Health workers are the best advocates for spending every pound of NHS money as effectively as possible, but you cannot make these changes on the cheap in a health service struggling with the consequences of the crisis in social care. Money that should be used for “transformation” is being used to prop up collapsing services instead.

“If Dorset health employers’ plans are going to have any chance of success, they must engage openly and fully, rather than limiting staff from speaking up about these risky plans.

“We were promised an extra £350m a week for the NHS by the Brexit campaigners now in government – that money is desperately needed, so where is it?”

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