Where is the money for Cornwall’s NHS?

Bold plans, but where is the money? UNISON statement on Cornwall STP

Commenting on Sustainability and Transformation Plans released by Cornwall health employers today, UNISON South West head of health Helen Eccles said:

“There is a real urgency to deal with the problems facing our NHS; on current forecasts the deficit in Cornwall will to rise to £264m by 2021. Our health and social care services simply cannot keep up with demand if the government does not put in more resources.

“Cornish health services are in the red to the tune of £50m this year alone, and we are seeing staff burnout with a 37% turnover in care workers every year.

“Cornwall has been promised more powers, but there’s got to be funding to make this meaningful. Handing over an overstretched and threadbare health service isn’t devolution, it’s passing the buck.”

UNISON South West regional secretary Joanne Kaye added:

“Last week’s Autumn statement did nothing for health and care. Ever-higher demand on hospitals and the crisis in social care means so-called ‘transformation’ money is being used to prop up existing services, instead of funding a “sustainability” redesign.

“The government has demanded ambitious plans but completely closed its eyes to the reality on the ground. Care homes are closing across the country, leaving vulnerable and older people at risk. We want to help deliver a better health service for Cornwall, but the government is trying to do that on the cheap, and it’s patients who will lose out as a result.”

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