LGBT rights police campaign wins 2016 award

Lee Hare, a PCSO in Swindon, was proud to receive the UNISON South West Equalities award. The award recognised his work as the LGBT officer for Wiltshire UNISON police branch, to raise awareness and deal with discriminatioon around LGBT issues with his force and the local community.

For the local Pride march this year, Lee negotiated the use of a sponsored police car. This was marked up in rainbow colours, carrying the police force’s as well as UNISON’s logo.

The funding for the Pride event came from the award winner and his colleagues organising sponsored events and cake sales.

In 2014 Lee secured funding to print rainbow coloured force flags, which were raised at HQ on a number of relevant occasions.

Lee Hare said: “It’s so important to continue to fight for equality for LGBT+ people at work. I couldn’t have done it without the support of UNISON and the team here in the force.

I want to say a huge thank to my colleague and fellow activist Kate Jackson Collier who equally deserves this award. Together we have worked in partnership with my employer to ensure fairness for all.”

Lee Hare has also received assurance that the Chief Constable will be in attendance at next years’ Pride event.