Will your MP show up for the pay cap vote?

will your mp show up

Public sector workers are thousands of pounds worse off every year because of the pay cap. On Monday 4 December, Members of Parliament will debate ending the seven-year pay cap. But will your MP show up?

More than 100,000 people signed UNISON’s petition calling for the end of the pay cap. So now it has to be debated in Parliament. Public sector workers know they can rely on some MPs to fight their corner.

The question in the South West is – will your MP show up?

Write to your MP today and ask them to show up

Since 2010 the cost of living has gone up more than five times as fast as public sector wages. £3.9 billion has been sucked out of the South West economy thanks to the pay cap. It’s time to invest in our public services. We can’t afford another year of pay misery for public sector workers.