Don’t miss out – UNISON EU consultation ends Tuesday

Spring is here! I hope you all had a relaxing Easter and even managed a few minutes of sunshine too.

Across UNISON our internal consultation on the EU referendum is nearing its close. There are only a few days left for you to get your voice heard.

Many of you will have had emails or surveys or post from your branch, or have read about the consultation on social media. If you haven’t yet responded though, just a reminder that the deadline is 5 April – so only a few days away now. We know that there are discussions ongoing across the region, both in branches and through our Self-Organised Groups and networks, but we also appreciate that Easter may have demanded your immediate attention in the last couple of weeks. Now though is your chance to speak up.

Across the South West this debate has been going on for even longer, and at January’s Regional Council, when all our branches come together, there was a very clear vote that, for our region staying in the EU had to be the right answer.

From the special funding that has brought new jobs and industry to Cornwall, to the funding for skills and workplace development used by lots of small and medium sized businesses, to much of our income from tourism, to the big government and private sector funding that Bristol gained because it was the European Green Capital 2015: being in the EU has brought money and development across the region.

Many of us also take for granted, too, the standards manufacturers have to adhere to ensuring our food, toys and household goods are safe. As workers, being in UNISON is the most effective way to protect your future: but lots of the legislation that your stewards use to help keep your employers on the straight and narrow comes from Europe as well.

The debate goes on though – and there are only a few more days to ensure your voice is heard in that debate. We look forward to hearing from you all through your branches and SOGs over the next few days.