Why we ♥ unions

The ♥unions week of action celebrates the great work done by union reps and members in our workplaces and in society. We’re proud of our unions and reject the government’s attempts to damage them with the Trade Union Bill.

From 8 – 14 February, members of UNISON will be out and about in hospitals, high streets and town halls showing the value they build week in, week out in our communities.

Trade unions exist because when we unite together we are stronger – and that means ordinary people can win a fair deal for themselves and their families.

These are the facts: if there’s a union in your workplace you’re likely to have better pay, more opportunities to train, and healthier relations between staff and managers.

But this Government’s Trade Union Bill puts our good work at risk. It tips the balance of power too far against employees. So in UNISON we’ve teamed up not only with other trade unions, but also with human rights defenders like Amnesty and Liberty.

Let’s be clear: no one, not even employers, wants to see strict new controls on trade unions. So why is the Government pressing ahead with this misguided set of laws? UNISON is calling on the Conservatives to stop, think again, and work with us for a better future.

Are you with us in our campaign to make Britain’s workplaces fair, safe and productive?

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