Striking in the sunshine – on the picket line in Plymouth

Photos from the 48 hours of action outside Derriford hospital

Hundreds of healthcare workers at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth took two days of strike action this week in their dispute over pay.

Healthcare assistants, maternity care assistants, imaging care assistants and clinical support workers at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust will walked out at midnight on Monday 17 June for 48 hours.

From 7am on Monday, over 160 healthcare workers were on the picketline outside the hospital, treated to blue skies and warm weather.

Drivers honked their horns, cyclists said hello and passers by gave messages of solidarity.

Two healthcare workers on the picket line hold placards. One reads “pay fair for patient care” and the other says “underpaid, overworked, show some respect”


Group photo of healthcare workers holding placards and UNISON flags. The placards read 'pay fair for patient care' and 'hear us as we say... equal pay!"


Group photo of healthcare workers by the main entrance to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. It’s a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and wispy white clouds.


Karen holds a megaphone as healthcare workers stand behind a handmade sign which reads “underpaid, undervalued, overworked”