Mandatory vaccination risks worsening NHS staff shortage, says UNISON

Responding to the launch today (Thursday) of a six-week consultation into making ​Covid vaccination compulsory for frontline health workers in England, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said:

“The key to convincing hesitant staff is persuasion​, not force. Pushing NHS staff to get vaccinated ​will create resentment, destroy ​already fragile morale and ​reduce take-up. ​Of course, everyone who can should be jabbed, but as with care, compulsion is not the way.

“​Mandatory vaccinations in care have heralded an exodus of staff. The ​government is in danger ​of making the same mistake twice. With waiting lists growing, the NHS can ill-afford to lose any more staff.

“​Vaccination levels are ​extremely high among health workers. ​It makes no sense to risk worsening staff shortages with the pandemic far from over and a treatment backlog that’ll take years to shift.”