Operating theatre staff celebrated across the South West on ODP day

Today is national ODP day where we celebrate our amazing Operating Department Practitioners and their work.

ODPs work in operating theatres as well as in other areas within hospitals providing critical care. Their job is to provide complex care to patients at all stages of their operation, including the anaesthetic and recovery.

Celebrations are taking place across the region today, including at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton where ODPs have received a UNISON goodie bag and cakes.

Kate Knight, Theatre Practice Educator at Musgrove Park Hospital said: 

“This last year has been particularly challenging for ODP’s, many of whom were redeployed from theatres to work in intensive care looking after critically ill patients.

“Our colleagues adapted to work in environments they had never worked in before and giving care unlike any they were used to. This little known profession has really shown it’s worth, skill and flexibility at a time when it was needed the most.

“ODP day is a great opportunity to celebrate the people that are behind the scenes of every day procedures as well as life-saving interventions.”