Alexandra Homes care workers paying a high price for COVID safety

Alexandra Homes main house in Bristol.

Care workers employed by Alexandra Homes in Bristol are facing an impossible choice between ensuring care homes are safe and paying their bills.

The social care provider has failed to ensure that carers are paid for COVID related absences, whether they have contracted the virus or are self-isolating.

The government has provided funding through the Infection Control Fund in order to support the provider to secure staff salaries throughout the pandemic, but the employer has spent the money elsewhere.

Care workers have raised the issue with Alexandra Homes management team but have been met with threats of further deductions from pay and disciplinary action.

UNISON South West regional secretary Joanne Kaye said:

“We are deeply concerned that the lack of financial support from Alexandra Homes encourages care workers to attend work when it is not safe for them to do so.

“By taking this stance, the employer is risking avoidable COVID infections among staff and residents. The Infection Control Fund was designed to help employers pay for, amongst other things, staff salaries. We’d like to know where that money has gone.

”UNISON is calling on Alexandra Homes to listen to care workers, protect their residents and ensure they are paid for any COVID related absences.”