Transgender Day of Remembrance

Every year on 20th November the lives of trans and gender-diverse people reported murdered in the last 12 months are remembered.

In the past 12 months, at least 350 trans and gender-diverse people were reported killed globally. Of the reported killings worldwide, sex workers and migrants make up the majority of victims. It is important that these lives are remembered and celebrated.

UNISON resources to support Trans rights at work

Digital Organising for LGBT+ Equality Guide (PDF)

Gender identity: An introductory guide for trade union reps supporting trans members (PDF)

Gender equality – non-binary inclusion – a UNISON fact sheet (PDF)

How to be a good ally to trans people at work – a UNISON guide (PDF)

LGBT issues on the international stage – a UNISON fact sheet (PDF)

Out in UNISON – Issue 69 – Winter 2020/21 (PDF)

Supporting trans members – a UNISON guide for trade union reps (PDF)

Transgender workers rights – a UNISON fact sheet (PDF)

Why Pronouns are important – a UNISON fact sheet (PDF)

External resources

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