NHS staff celebrate Operating Department Practitioners Day

Hospital staff at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth celebrated Operating Department Practitioners Day today, paying tribute to an often overlooked part of the NHS team that play a vital role in keeping patients safe.

An operating department practitioner (ODP) is a highly trained registered healthcare professional working in a range of critical care environments.

ODPs prepare the operating theatre for surgery, monitor patients so the anaesthetist can respond to their needs, keep track of all the surgical equipment needed for operations and make sure a patient is well enough to return to their ward.

They also use their expert skills in other areas too, places like accident and emergency, intensive care, endoscopy, ambulances, cardiac arrest teams, maternity, research and education.

UNISON represents ODPs through the College of Operating Department Practitioners.

UNISON area organiser Simon Wintle said:

“All too often we forget about the absolutely critical role operating department practitioners play looking after patients before, during and after surgery.

“While we should be applauding this vital group of clinical staff all year round, everyone who values the NHS should take a moment to thank ODPs for their hard work and dedication.

“At Derriford Hospital today we gave out cakes and UNISON goodis to theatre staff to thank them and raise awareness of their roles.”