Mitie staff in Cornwall could consider strike action over pay

Porters, cleaners and catering staff working for Mitie at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust are hoping 2019 is the year they receive a pay rise.

Having taken over the contract for hotel services at the Trust five years ago Mitie are still ignoring pleas for a cost of living pay increase from staff.

Michael Auguste, UNISON area organiser, said:

“This shows the utter contempt that Mitie hold their employees in, and when it comes to pay their actions have been disrespectful and shameful. Furthermore they are not just insulting their employees they are also insulting the people of Cornwall, as it is clear that Mitie are unwilling to pay the Foundation Living Wage.

“When UNISON first put a pay claim to Mitie in December 2017 Mitie failed to acknowledge the claim for three months, and when they finally replied to UNISON they came up with a series of excuses and stated that they would need to go to the Trust.

“When the Trust refused to help fund a pay rise Mitie then asked UNISON to put pressure on the Trust, and when that didn’t work Mitie stopped talking to UNISON.”

UNISON have now informed Mitie that in order to achieve a decent pay rise members will consider all actions available up to and including strike action.

Last year all NHS staff were given a three year pay deal and UNISON believes that workers in hotel services should get the same. Recently, alongside the local MP, UNISON has successfully campaigned for staff working for Livewell Southwest to receive the award in Plymouth.