Get Active – Workshops

Friday Morning

Still Just a Bit of Banter?
This Sexual Harassment workshop will help you to challenge attitudes to sexual harassment and give you guidance on how to deal with it in the workplace.This workshop will cover who is most likely to be affected by sexual harassment, practical steps that union reps can take in response to sexual harassment and define what we mean by sexual harassment.

The Strike Game
Ever dreamt about getting better wages and having more control over the work you do? Not sure how to make those dreams a reality? Then this is the game for you! Set in a parallel dimension where workers put in all the effort but bosses seem to have all the power (sound familiar?!), you’ll use your imagination and work together in a group to figure out what resources we have at our disposal and how we can use them to win. The Strike Game is a group strategy game for everyone – no experience required, no right or wrong answers, but lots of fun!

Mental Health Awareness
One in four people will experience mental health issues in their life, and this figure is often higher among young people.  Stress, depression and anxiety are currently the main reason why people are off sick from work.  Often people with mental health issues face stigma and discrimination in the workplace. This workshop will outline some commonly held perceptions about mental health and explore strategies on how we can all play a role in challenging stigma, educating people on mental health and creating mentally healthy workplaces.

From Smartphone to Social – Creating Campaign Videos

50,000 views were recorded on posts from our Facebook page in the first two weeks of November. 50% of those views came from video content. Video content is becoming the most shareable content on Social Media, and the best thing is – anyone with a smartphone can create it, edit it and upload it. In this interactive workshop we’ll take a look at successful videos, discuss what makes a good video and learn how to shoot our own.


Friday Afternoon

Apprenticeships – Implementing the Charter
UNISON’s apprenticeship charter provides a tool to ensure apprenticeships deliver positive outcomes for both apprentices and employers. UNISON is committed to the vision of high quality apprenticeships as a skills development programme for the current and future workforce to build a fair economy. Come along to this workshop to discover more about our charter and how to implement this in your workplace.

Blogging and Social Media
This workshop is an introduction to using Facebook in your campaign, how to reach your audience using engaging content and ways to measure campaigning success. Plus, a “dos and don’ts” checklist for creating a great blog.

Knowing Your Rights in the Workplace
Can my employer dismiss me without notice? How many hours do I need to work for a lunch break? How much maternity leave should I get? Can my employer change my contract without my agreement? This workshop seeks to answer some of these burning questions through PowerPoint, pamphlets and a pub quiz!

Taking Up Space – Confidence Building
Come to this workshop to find your inner confidence, stand tall and take up the space you deserve.

Tan Teddy – Caribbean Singing Workshop
Tan Teddy Jamaican Folk Culture Group was formed in 2010. Their focus is on promoting awareness around Jamaica’s Folk Culture. They do so through singing, dancing and poetry. This workshop consists of learning the words of folk songs that are written in our Jamaican native tongue “Patois” (Creole). The group will share stories attached to these songs as we talk about different aspects of our Jamaican culture, food, fun, bereavement, birth or religious celebrations.


Saturday Morning

UNISON and Labour: Getting Political with Your Union
The Trade Union Movement and the Labour Party have a long-standing relationship. This workshop explores how we can work together, lobby politicians and campaign through political activism.

Your Next Steps in UNISON
This workshop is designed to guide you through activities available in UNISON such as further development, education, the benefits of being a member of UNISON and how to get more involved.

Street Solidarity
Street Solidarity is about community organising being co-creative, creating social change. Solidarity is about taking action that sparks a movement, it’s not about doing things for people it’s about doing things with people, rolling your sleeves up and being prepared to get your hands dirty in order to make a difference. This workshop gives you a taster of Street Solidarity, and enables you to explore issues and then get out and make a difference.

From the Branch to the General Secretary: Your Guide to How UNISON Works
Ever wondered how UNISON makes decisions? Or how democracy works in our union? This workshop will help you understand how UNISON works at local, regional and national level. Using fun, interactive techniques you will learn how UNISON is structured – and why, and how to have a say at all levels of the union. 

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