Get Active – Workshops

Organising to win – successful campaigning in your branch

This workshop will show you how we organise as a union to ensure members can win in the workplace.

It will cover:

  • organising around key issues
  • practice how to have 6 step conversations with members to identify leaders
  • how to build member-led campaigns

Organising migrant workers

Migrant workers face challenges in their workplaces with support and employment issues, many of these are the same issues faced by all workers i.e. low pay, over work, the cost of travel etc. But they also face barriers with sponsorship and visas.

This session is aimed to help you organise within your branch to bring workers and international workers together to deal with the issues faced in your workplaces.

What is LGBT+ self-organisation? How can allies support SOGs?

In UNISON’s year of LGBT+ workers, this workshop will explain how we organise for Equality in workplaces and beyond. It will cover:

  • what is a self-organised group in UNISON
  • how, and why, we organise for equality and LGBT+ rights.
  • how to be a good LGBT+ ally
  • how to get involve in UNISON’s self-organised groups

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