Trade Union History (Taunton)

2 July 2019 8:30am–3:30pm


A one day course to learn about the history of unions, the victories we have had, and how unions have influenced the society we live in now.

Who is it for?

Members and Activists who are 26 years old and under.

What will I learn?

The course aims to help learners to understand:

  • how and why trade unions came into being
  • how economics and politics have shaped the kind of unions we have today
  • the history of UNISON
  • the key events and victories in trade union history
  • how the lessons of history can help us today

There is no charge to branches for this course.

To apply for this course please download the application form in the Resources tab below, email us on or telephone 01823 285314

This course is one of a series of events to celebrate the year of young workers.