Further Representation Skills (Exeter)

20 – 21 November 2019


This course reinforces some approaches and procedures introduced in the 5 day Stewards course and explores in more detail:

  • Process for identifying needs and exploring what is and isn’t a case
  • Recap on sources of information especially the ACAS code
  • Preparing for a grievance and a capability case
  • Planning and building a case including interviewing witnesses
  • Possible outcomes from cases
  • Building confidence, getting organised and looking after yourself

There is no charge for this course.

Online booking is available:

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Alternatively, you can download the application form in the Resources tab below and email unisonsweducation@unison.co.uk or telephone 01823 285314

This course is Module Two of our Stewards Pathway and is open to all reps and stewards who have completed the initial Organising Stewards training.