Regional Council (Croyde Bay)

19 October 2019 11:00am–4:00pm

Croyde Bay

The next Regional Council meeting is taking place on Saturday 19 October 2019 at UNISON’s Croyde Bay Holiday Resort in North Devon.

How do I submit a motion?

Submit a motion or topic for discussion

This form needs completing and submitting by no later than noon on Tuesday 17 September 2019. After this, online registration of motions will automatically close.

Reasonable Adjustments & Childcare

Reasonable Adjustments or Facilitation Request

Application for Childcare

Should anyone apply for childcare or reasonable adjustments or facilitation, they will be contacted prior to the meeting to confirm details.


Accommodation needs to be booked directly with Croyde Bay (01271 890 890) and paid for at the time of booking. If Branches are unable to pay at the time of making the reservation, an invoice will be emailed to the branch which will state that no further reminders for payment will be issued and that accommodation must be paid for 7 days prior to arrival, or it will be cancelled.

Cancellations made, including any extras paid for by individuals, within 7 days of the booked date, will not be refunded. All associated Branch delegate and observer costs should be met by the Branch. Please state UNISON when booking accommodation.

The region has supplied Croyde Bay with a list of names of those whose standard accommodation costs are met by the region. If you contact Croyde Bay and are not on this list, but believe you/ the member should be, please contact Jenn c/o, providing full details of your accommodation requirements. Once authorised, you should contact Croyde Bay again to reserve your booking. This applies to all regional staff as well as CNR members.

Croyde Bay will try and accommodate everyone’s requests where possible, but priority will be given to delegates attending these meetings.

Any problems?

If you are unable to access these links, please email Jenn c/o, and enter ’Regional Council Query’ into the subject field.


Regional Council FAQs

  • How many delegates can our branch register?

    The number of delegates depends on the number of members within your branch. It is one delegate per 500 members or part thereof.

    Delegates have to be full UNISON members (they cannot be retired members) and the delegation must comply with UNISON’s principles of proportionality.

    If in doubt of how many delegates you can send or how many should be men or women, please contact us using the e-mail button below or refer to the regional constitution.

    Contact us about Branch Delegation to Regional Council

  • Why does anyone need to register to attend this meeting?

    Regional Council meetings where issues are debated, reported on, decisions made, motions passed, and elections carried out, need to be quorate, so it’s important that representatives from sectors, groups and branches attend these meetings to represent UNISON South West members.

    Registration of your attendance means we can properly set up the conference and meeting rooms and ensure that refreshments and catering is provided for the correct number of attendees.  It also means that we can be greener by providing an appropriate amount of documentation on the day.

  • Can I claim expenses?

    Branch delegates should liaise with their Branch to reimburse any expenses associated with attendance at Regional Council.

    Lunch is provided, so no subsistence should be claimed.

    The only exception to this is for Ex-Officios and invited guest speakers.

  • Is lunch provided?

    Yes, lunch will be provided.

    It will be available around 1pm.

    It will take into account dietary requirements where possible, and subject to notification in advance of the meeting. However, if details are not submitted by the registration deadline we cannot guarantee that any specific food intolerances or allergies can be catered for.