Proper job: better jobs for Bristol

Better jobs for Bristol

1 November 2017 1:00pm–5:00pm

City Hall, College Green, Bristol

The Better Jobs for Bristol plan set out by trade unions will call on the City Council and businesses to fight five problems hitting Bristol’s workers.

Themes to be covered will consider how we can:

  • make sure everyone has a fair and living wage?
  • help people gain new skills and advance careers?
  • promote safe and healthy workplaces?
  • ensure workers get a real voice and say at work?
  • make Bristol free from exploitation and hidden work abuses?

Bristol is a prosperous city with a diverse economy and many successful businesses. It has been called the best place to live, yet for many the job market is bleak.

Wages are not rising and yet concerns about skills shortages are increasing. Stress levels and mental health-related issues are at an all-time high and cause millions of days of lost work every year.

Combining forces, the South West Trades Union Congress, the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce and Initiative will be presenting and inviting ideas to look at ways to offer decent jobs and good career prospects for everyone.

Together we can make Bristol the best place to work

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Despite plaudits for quality of life in the city, the average weekly wage remains below the UK norm. Combined with high rents and living costs, child poverty has reached almost 50% in some wards.

Unions want businesses and public employers to create opportunities and upgrade current jobs where many people are looking for better pay and conditions. More than half the jobs in retail, care and cleaning offer poor conditions according to research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.


13:00 Welcome with tea/coffee

13.30 Opening: chair, councillor Asher Craig

13:45 Working in Bristol today

14:00 Making Bristol the best place to work

14:30 The idea of an employment charter

14:45 Breakout sessions

  • Raising the skills of the workforce
  • Improving health and well-being at work
  • Fair Pay
  • Tackling abuse and exploitation

15:30 Marvin Rees

16:00 Key points and ideas for action

16:30 Closing remarks

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