UNISON Member Learning – “Power to be you”

20 April 2021 6:00pm

Online - Via ZOOM

Things get better with UNISON learning.

UNISON is offering a fantastic workshop for members in the South West.

Power to be you
20th, 27th April & 4th May
6.00 pm – 8.00 pm

The workshop aims to improve self-esteem, share tips and ideas for addressing confidence and assertiveness issues, raise awareness of UNISON education and development opportunities, and help participants to speak up with confidence.

This workshop aims to build student’s confidence and self-esteem and make them aware of further
education and development opportunities.

The workshop will give students the chance to explore and practise techniques to build confidence
and to speak in public in a supportive environment. Students will also learn about further
educational and development opportunities and explore their own personal goals.

Learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate an improvement in self-esteem
2. Address own confidence and assertiveness issues through ideas and tips
3. Demonstrate techniques to speak with confidence
4. Discuss a range of education and development opportunities
5. Plan own next steps

Tutor Name: Joanna Quinn

Power to be you


You may want to make your Branch Union Learning Representative or Education Officer aware that you are attending this course to link with other learners or join the local learning network

If you are in need of support to request time off from your work to attend please talk to the branch to gain support.

These sessions are being held in the evening but if you are on shift or working and want to attend you may be able to negotiate time off from your workplace.

You may have a local policy or learning agreement to support with gaining reasonable time off to attend our learning from your employer. There is also guidance via ACAS – Time off advice

What happens once you’ve signed up?

By completing this form our education team will enrol you on to the workshop and you will be sent confirmation of how to log in and access the online classroom platform.

A zoom link to the online classroom session will be sent to you at least one week before the start date of the course.

If you have any queries please contact the Education Team here: Email: SW Education Enquiries

UNISON working in collaboration with The Workers Education Association (WEA)