Equalities groups and young members forum

23 February – 23 January 2017


This day is aimed at members who are active at branch level and identify with self-organised group (woman, black, disabled, LGBT and/or a young members) or active in one or more of the Regional Self Organised Groups or Young Members’ forum.

This event aims to identify common issues that the regional Self Organised Groups (SOGs) and Young Members can jointly campaign around, promote UNISON’s Equality objective and identify ways that the SOGs and Young Members can influence the mainstream objectives and activities across the region.

Part of the day will include training around a specific issue, details of which will be confirmed nearer the time.

This is always an informative day and a great opportunity to come together.

To apply, please download the relevant form in the Resources tab. Alternatively, email us on unisonsweducation@unison.co.uk or telephone 01823 285314