Developing Leadership with Black Members

24 – 25 November 2018


This course is open to Black activists and members within the South West Region. In UNISON Black is used in its political sense to describe people of all heritages. The training aims to build confidence and encourage more Black members to become active in UNISON at all levels and also to become leaders in your workplace.

To book your place on the weekend course complete a booking form available in the ‘Resources’ section below and return to:

The course includes:

  • Black members as leaders within the union and workplaces
  • Black Voices: Inspirational Black leaders
  • Campaigning and organising around Black issues
  • Influencing skills
  • The social, political and economic context of UK Black lives
  • Being Black in UNISON, UNISON’s definition of ‘Black’
  • Why Black members should get involved in UNISON
  • Black activism within UNISON branches in the South West Region and within the Regional and National democratic structures
  • UNISON’s approach to challenging racism and tackling prejudice

Guest speakers

  • Roger McKenzie, Assistant Regional Secretary, UNISON
  • Simon Woolley, Director and Founder Operation, Black Vote
  • Jean Smith MBE, Director, Nilaari Agency
  • Edson Burton, Writer, Historian
  • Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol (TBC)