The Trade Union Bill currently before Parliament is unfair, unnecessary and undemocratic. MPs need to focus on the real problems the country faces and talk to us about how we can work together for a better future.

It’s time for the government to get its priorities straight – this Bill is an attack on the very people who could be part of the solution to the country’s problems

UNISON is campaigning with the TUC and other unions to oppose this attack on the rights of working people and their unions.

In the South West

Here in our region trade unions are more important than ever. We are dealing with a host of issues including low skilled and low paid work, unaffordable housing and overstretched health services. Unions are part of the solution, not the problem.

Get the facts

The devil’s in the detail with the Trade Union Bill. UNISON’s latest briefing sets out how this Bill will damage the ability of unions to campaign for fairness.

With comprehensive sections on industrial action, facilities time, political funds, DOCAS and the certification officer, the briefing has everything you need to know.

Trade Union Bill activists’ briefing UPDATED MARCH 2016

Take action

Join UNISON’s week of action

From 8-14 February we’ll be out and about showing people the good work of unions that is under attack by the Conservatives. Can we count on your support?

Write to your MP

To beat the Bill we need to convince MPs of all parties, particularly Tories, that it’s a bad idea. Send a message to your representative to explain the issues

Build the union

The best way to stop the Bill is to make our movement even bigger. Ask a friend to join UNISON today, or think about getting more active yourself.


UNISON members rally outside Thornbury library

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